Ordinary Fukushima

Good morning, everyone. I’m a forced evacuee in Fukushima after that 2011 nuclear power plant’s disaster, but live in Fukushima and work inside off limits area (no go zone). Because of no problem nowadays. 

My name is Kuniyoshi Yoshida, who has been in Hawaii for 3 months in 2011. I hope you don’t misread it as other names and you don’t misunderstand Fukushima in many fakes or exaggerated expressions or old facts by political propagandists with a Geiger counter.

This monitoring post indicates 0.152μsv/h in Ogawara area in Okuma town in Fukushima. They are official figures. If you try to seek more ones, you can. But calculation of radiation exposure is comprehensively done daily, not a part of it at a specific place.

Incidentally, Ogawara area is not off limits area nowadays because the figures data is almost normalized comparatively with the world. I work at Shimonogami area in Okuma, but the off limits area is also finished soon because of decontamination is getting done.

I’d like you never to misunderstand other people from outside Fukushima as people in Fukushima. Of course, everyone in Japan has a right to express any things, but as is often the case with political activists as you know, Fukushima is a target by irresponsibility for 10 years. 

They say like “Scientists are bad,” but those counter or test radiation machine made by scientists. They say like “Scientists don’t try to know feelings of victims.” I think, even if they not, the thing differs from whether they work as their professional knowledge of nuclear.

Therefore, a nuisance is a nuisance, although I know many people have their opinions. For example, one right information is that “Israel removes import restrictions on food products from Japan” (Mainichi newspaper on Jan., 29th in 2021). 

Surely, I don’t intend offensively checking other’s opinion. We just have a right to become happier everyday undisturbed. Our place is never a place for political activists who wants to be famous and express a fake etc. We want to live ordinarily as the same as everyone. 

Finally, however, it is also a fact that we have tasks that we must resolve for the time being. I believe in what we will overcome step by step. We are doing well. We give a welcome to anybody who likes Fukushima. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.