To live everyday – Kuniyoshi Y.

Thanks a lot for what browsing counters records 90,000 from the world except for Japan. There are so many bad actions in all over the world. Ignorance, menial, abject and subservient. It’s not so easy to seek truth tastes very bitter. We might feel our own helplessness from time to time. It’s one side of the words, but we could consider it’s a practice of a principle of non-violent resistance or communication based on kindness and compassion would be healing ourselves as a part of the world. Nobody knows one’s tomorrow nowadays though I never hold an idea of nihilism. Don’t fool yourself. Don’t deceive yourself. Remember the rights and the dignity of individuals. Cheer yourself. That’s a history that people live everyday, every time, every moment. Are you ready.

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CHIEF EDITOR ▼Yoshida Kuniyoshi / 1981年1月大熊町生まれの原発避難者。中大法卒、2000年より塾長。2013年4月、赤坂憲雄の活動のもと文の道へ、2014年9月22日に卒業同日、「WELTGEIST FUKUSHIMA」で独立し出版事業を開始。エッセイで致知出版大坪社長特別賞。2017年度にアメリカ横断距離5000kmを歩き、1500kmの時点で20kg痩せ、2018年に酒たばこ止める。会津民俗学研究会員、書籍編集長、雑誌共同執筆、福島県立博物館や横浜美術館トリエンナーレなどで講演やトーク等々、私設図書館「ふくしま本の森」にて活動等。新聞、ラジオ、テレビ、インターネット、多数のメディア出演を経験する。NHK BS1 スペシャルNHK world premium「福島タイムラプス」(出演)は全日本テレビ番組製作社連盟ATP賞テレビグランプリ優秀賞。facebook / website / Amazon▼ Essayist. Private school. Nuclear evacuee 2011-. Independent publisher. Majored in law, Chuo Uni. A special essay prize on a first-class magazine 2015. Lectures and Talks at Fukushima prefectural Museum, Yokohama Municipalcity Museum of Art as Yokohama Toriennale 2017 etc. Like learning languages, Folklore, etc. So many Appearances of Newspapers, Radio, TV, Internet, and NHK BS1 SPECIAL and NHK world premium (Fukushima TImelapse, ATP award TV grand prix, outstanding performance award 2018)